I turned my traveling into a lifestyle.

I help people quit their jobs and travel the world.

As far as I know....

We Only Live Once!​

There are people with knowledge not of this world that have convinced people of this world that they are just supposed to pay their bills on time and die. Millions of people have bought into this illusion and they are being cheated out of their earthly experience. Some people wake up in time and begin to live, while others stay trapped inside the matrix until their death date.

Why Keep Reading?

Actually, you shouldn’t unless at least 3 of the 4; things are true for you.

You’re tired of your job
You want more time with friends and family
You want to travel more
You are ready to escape the matrix

These people want you to leave this website!

If I can keep you working and trading the most precious commodity on Earth; your time in exchange for money, then I can work less, experience life, and have more time with my family.
Your Boss
I came to steal, kill, and destroy. I do not want you to have a good earthly experience unless you can help me ruin others' lives by enslaving them to the things of this world. If you are willing to help then I will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
The Devil
I want you to buy things that you can’t afford with money that isn’t worth the paper it is printed on so you can go into debt. By doing so, I keep you a slave to wealth and force you to work more hours inside in the matrix.
Bill Collectors