Public Notice

I’ve decided to leave the United States. Albeit a lot later than I should have, but this time I’m out of here for real.

This decision is what is best for me, without thinking of anyone else first as I’ve done my entire life. For once, I am taking the stand and doing the selfish thing that I believe will make me happy.

For those that don’t know I suffer from schizoaffective disorder bipolar type II. In the past, I have often found myself not wanting to go outside — not wanting to deal with humans and just needing my own time and space to be alone.

I really do not know how to explain this feeling to people that I know or even if they would understand, but I don’t want to return to the sunken place of my existence.

I have so many things that I need to accomplish and relatively so little time to get it all done that my anxiety is through the roof.

I’ll start by saying that I am moving to the Dominican Republic and it is a predominately Spanish speaking country.

While I can speak Spanish well enough to communicate the limited things I will need in beginning, my goal is to become as fluent as possible so I can make life easier for myself.

My absolute I must be out of the United States date is November 1st, 2023. So in between practicing Spanish, I am also working on my website so that it will provide me with a sustainable income to live on while I am there.

While realistically I only need to make around $2000 USD per month online in order to live a comfortable life, I have set my vision on making a half million dollars per year.

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